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December 07 2019 01:02:20
Employment with Rogue Squadron
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You may be asking, who is this group called Rogue Squadron (RS). We are elite fighter pilots that banded together to form a government to protect our ideals. We fight against tyranny and oppression. Our founders were such public servants as:

Max Fors - A man who single handedly took down a Super Star Destroyer with a single A-Wing.

Kurami Jankov - Took a small manufacturing company and turned it into the leading producer of Heavy Battle Armour.

Mandor Von Uberwald - Came to RS after it was formed bringing his military knowledge from the New Republic and other respected groups to further enhance our pilots' capabilities.

Today, our government not only focuses on the military side of business, but also with the economical and advancement of many worlds and races to bring them into the technological wonder of the era. Together we have fought against Imperial forces among the stars and on the ground. We will continue our fight against their evil.

You could become part of this group as well and earn yourself a place of honour amongst the greatest pilots of our era. Our Home Ones need Captains, our X-Wings pilots, and our men need leaders. If you think you have what it takes, sign up today and you'll be on your way to helping us bring new heights in the war against the Empire! Below are a list of positions and membership benefits.

RS Logo
Positions available:

    Rogue Squadron Officers usually do not select a branch, but specialize their skillset and employ it to complete missions in both, civilian and combat environment. Rogues are highly adaptive and fulfil their duty as

    Pilot/Commando: In this position you will defend the homeland and seek out the enemy to bring them to justice.

    Medic: Patching up the wounded and rendering humanitarian aid to friends is an important aspect of Rogue culture.

    Engineer: Every great army needs more equipment, ships, and weapons. You could be part of the group that ensures our sentients on the front line have what they need when they need it!

    Construction Supervisor: Building a home, building a future.

    * Competitive salary
    * Each member is issued the tools to perform their task, from weapons and armour, to ships and facilities.
    * And more, shared only with our members.

Wish to talk to us further?
  Join us on IRC: #CMG-RSA
  Darkness Message: Mandor von Uberwald
Join RS Today!
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