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History of Total Outer Rim
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Every action has its roots and consequences.

Every action of ours leaves a trace in our future and the future of other beings as well as actions that seemed spontaneous may have their roots knees deep in the past. The foundation of the BlasTech Resources is no exception. Despite that our company is a part of the BlasTech Industries industrial giant with its great history, our own story is not nearly as marvelous as the story of our patron. Anyone making history would rarely pay attention to the outer systems' cultures, and so it isn't surprising that an outer world would usually become an industrial colony or a military garrison.

Prior to its colonization, the Sesswenna system was inhabited by a rarely seen race, the Shistavanen, who originated from Uvena. This race naturally prefers isolation and thus it tried to spoil the colonization of its worlds by all possible means.

By thoroughly analyzing colonists' intentions and goals, Shistavanen were able to conceal the real worth of their worlds for quite sometime; vast deposits of minerals, ores and natural substances remained hidden while locals were intentionally providing false data on whereabouts and composition of the deposits. Though, even this false data was never properly utilized by the colonists due to repeating actions of sabotage caused by Shistavanen workers and insurgents. Thus, permanent lockdowns provided and maintained by colonists' militia.

However, no disguise can last forever. The initial selection of Svivren by BlasTech Industries, as the core for their further expansion, proved to be very successful. Quick industrial growth in the Sesswenna sector provided new vacancies to the sector's inhabitants as well as sizeable economical success to BTI itself. As a result, BlasTech Industries was able to gain support and respect both from Sesswenna natives and colonists.

On Year 8 Day 243, BlasTech Industries became a Government. That day was very important not only to the company itself, but to all the sectors it was influencing, in particular the Sesswenna sector. On that day the head of BlasTech Industries, President Ru, met with Scixt N'pat, the official representative of Shistavanen. The records of their talks are still classified and will remain so, for next 49 years. However, it is clear that the long-awaited agreement was reached, as BlasTech forces started the unprecedented resources' scanning campaign, mobilizing majority of their industrial specialists to simultaneously prospect numerous planets, all in the shortest possible terms.

On Year 9 Day 18, the BlasTech Industries signed the City-State Accords agreement with the Galactic Empire. Granting the support of its might ally, BlasTech has really boosted its development. The faction was approving new members to its ranks and building new cities. Due to the constantly increasing needs, BlasTech Industries could not rely on occasional supplies from foreign mining factions anymore. As a result, Imperial High Command decided that in order to be a completely independent and self-sufficient faction, BlasTech needed to create its own resource company, who could supply all the required minerals.

On 77 day of Year 9, BlasTech Resources was established. Creation of the new company allowed further provision of work vacancies to Outer Rim inhabitants, as well as further increase of their salaries. Since then BlasTech Resources became a part of the fast-growing IORA (Imperial Outer Rim Authority) corporation, and it was now responsible for both the extractions and transportation in several major systems of the Outer Rim.

On day 276, year 9, the well-known historical events (of which you can learn from the history of BlasTech Corporation) took place, and the IORA was reorganized to BlasTech Corporation. These political thunderstorms, though, changed a little in the life of rather small but effective BTR collective, all of whose members remained loyal to BTC and continued working hard along with their comrades from other BTC subfactions.

Today BlasTech Resources looks forward and is ready to guarantee improvement of BlasTech citizens' life level and to provide strong background of their belief in the bright future.
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