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Not wanting to endure the continued oppression by the Galactic Empire the Original Seven, the seven largest militias of Elrood, banded together. These traders, prospectors, freighter pilots, and mercenaries met on the common ground planet of Meris V. It was there that they signed and agreed to unite their forces under the symbol of the Seven-Pointed star and the name Red Star Alliance(RSA). Soon, the unified army commanded by such heros as Max Fors, Kurami Jankov, Hexx Harpy, and Xavze Zavan took the fight to the Empire.

RSA's forces met the Empires Second Assault Fleet and began to viciously press the Empire's forces away from their established trade routes. After weeks of intense armed conflict, RSA was able to liberate countless worlds from the Empire's grasp, ejecting their Assault Fleet and sending them crawling for their Core borders. The Elrood sector was free for the tyranny of the Empire and once again knew the peace of Freedom.

As time went on, the RSA formed alliances with other Governments like the Falleen Federation, New Republic, and the Triumvirate Coalition. Through these alliances the RSA military grew more capable, turning from a militia to a battle hardened Defense Force. With the continued comradery between RSA and other freedom loving governments, the RSA applied to become a member of and was welcomed into the Galactic Alliance. Wanting to bring the fight further to the Empire, RSA began talks with BlasTech Industries, formerly an Imperial supporter, to form a mutual defensive alliance called, the Outer Rim Defense Force. A combined fleet was created to ensure the defensive capabilities of both groups. Over time BlasTech Industries came to be known as the Pentastar Alliance(TPA) and with the friendship growing a merger was discussed. Meeting once more on the planet Meris V, members of the RSA High Council and TPA's High Command met in an exotic clearing to discuss the merger plans. It was there that the comradery of the two groups was sealed and a new more powerful government formed under the name, Rogue Squadron. Wanting to hold to their ideals of Freedom, Peace, and Brotherhood the new government set out to recruit like minded sentients into the fold.

In Year 11, RS learned of actions being taken against an old adversary, the Federation of Free Alliances(FFA). During this time it was learned that Kain Elderan allied with newly formed government the Aurodium Legion(AL) had pilfered several FFA assets. Not wanting to see anyone terrorized and innocents made to suffer, even a present enemy, RS dispatched emissaries to the leaders of the FFA. A deal was struck that RS would transfer governance of an indefensible body to FFA and distract AL forces by attacking planets controlled by Elderan and AL in the Berea System of Elrood. RS was successfully able to liberate two planets, Berea I and Berea III, from the oppression of Elderan's forces and created a stronghold on Berea II. Unfortunately the distraction was not strong enough to save FFA from collapsing and a drawn out war erupted on Berea II resulting in many AL casualties while RS suffered none. However, realizing that the citizens of the planet were being affected by the continued hostilities a cease fire was agreed to. RS continues to monitor the planet and has promised the civilian populace on the planet that they will be freed.

In order to meet the demand of their citizens and to bring new worlds into the governments protection, RS sent emissaries out to the Steniplis and Videnda sectors. Bringing both sectors into the RS family. In Year 14, RS knowing that the Jedi Order(JO) were stuck in a hard and indefensible location in the North near their current enemies in the Imperial Union, offered a sanctuary in the Steniplis sector for the Jedi to come and teach their wisdom in safety.
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