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Government and Services
Leadership Council
The Leader of Rogue Squadron changes every few months on a rotating basis by members of Leadership Council.

Anomander Starhunter
Contact via Darkness

Jake Azzameen
Contact via Darkness

Mandor von Uberwald
Contact via Darkness
High Command
The High Command represents the main council responsible for deciding the rule of law, military tactics, and overall running of the Government.

Alan Steel
Contact via Darkness

Alex McMount
Contact via Darkness

Contact via Darkness
Retired High Commanders
Members of the High Command currently enjoying retirement.

Brat Cost Ru

Hexx Harpy

Noir Renada

Kurami Jankov

Xavze Zavan

Phoenix Daywalker

Max Fors

Dreey Autern


Alleria Shepard

Obi Wan Soares

The Government is runing few programs for private developers of Real Estate ,for more Information contact the current Leader of Rogue Squadron
- Construction of Government only facilities for private parties
- Government owned datacards are available from our Quartermaster. Click Here
- Facility Income construction and Management

1. Construction in any system, planet, moon, or asteroid is forbidden.
2. If a faction or private party wishes to build in RS controlled territory, they need to contact the Government prior to start of construction to obtain a building permit.
3. All illegal construction projects will be halted and building crews arrested on sight.
4. All questions about construction and obtaining building permits - contact the current Leader of Rogue Squadron.
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